Atlanta Permanent Partial Disability Lawyer

When you are injured in an industrial accident, you may be entitled to disability benefits. Many doctors and lawyers do not understand how to appropriately calculate the benefits. Attorney’s experience with permanent partial disability enables him to obtain maximum benefits for his clients.

Any injury can lead to permanent partial disability. Back, neck, shoulder and knee injuries are among the most common injuries that lead to permanent partial disability. However, occupational diseases and chemical exposure can also warrant permanent partial disability.

Permanent partial disability is not tied to your ability or inability to work. Rather, is based on a loss of function. Therefore, you may still be able to obtain PPD benefits even if the injury does not affect your ability to work. The best way to learn whether you would have a viable claim for permanent partial disability is to contact attorney.He will thoroughly evaluate your case and offer you an honest assessment of your case’s viability.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Attorney has represented injured workers in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1978. The depth of his experience enables him to be successful on behalf of his clients. He will take the necessary steps on your behalf to obtain permanent partial disability benefits.