Some families may find immediate family immigration helpful

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Some families may find immediate family immigration helpful

There are many different reasons a person could have for wanting to come to the United States. For some, such a desire is rooted in wanting to reunite with their family. immigration law
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Sometimes, a family ends up being separated, with one of the members being in the U.S. and having U.S. citizenship and the other members being foreign citizens and being outside of the United States. Families in this sort of situation sometimes have a strong desire to be reunited here in the United States. Among the things, such families may wonder is what options they have for trying to bring about such a reunification.

What U.S. immigration options family members of a U.S. citizen have depends on many things, including what their exact familial relationship is with the U.S. citizen.

For example, certain close relatives of a U.S. citizen may qualify for the immediate family immigration process. Minor children, parents, and spouses of U.S. citizens are typically eligible for this process. Also, there are some circumstances under which stepchildren, stepparents, and adopted children of U.S. citizens can have eligibility for this process.

As this underscores, U.S. family immigration law is a very complex area of law with many different potential avenues, and many different things can have the potential to be impactful in family immigration matters.

Given this, it can be very easy for a family to feel daunted, confused, and intimidated when it comes to family immigration matters.

Thankfully, families that are seeking to be reunited do not have to try to navigate the complex web of U.S. family immigration law on their own. Immigration law attorneys can help such families understand what immigration options they have and can help them in pursuing their available options.

Our firm is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to matters involving U.S. immigration law and can provide families with legal services when it comes to immediate family immigration law matters and other family immigration matters.