Atlanta Work Injury Lawyer

Under Georgia law, injured workers are required to notify their employers within 30 days of the incident. Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be challenging, particularly if you attempt to do so without a lawyer’s help. At the law office, we are dedicated to successfully guiding clients through the workers’ comp system.

Your employer’s insurance company has lawyers who work to build a case against you. They may investigate your Facebook page to find mentions of a pre-existing condition. They might also attempt to find something else from your past that will release them from liability. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can defend you against these tactics and work to prevent the insurance company from using these tactics as a means to deprive you of benefits.

Georgia Attorney For Hurt-On-The-Job Injuries

Attorney has been representing injured workers since 1978. He prides himself on his availability to talk and meet with clients. He will address any questions or concerns you may have and inform you of the status of your case. He works hard to keep cases moving, which means that he will handle your workers’ comp case efficiently and effectively.

He represents clients with injuries ranging from carpal tunnel to catastrophic injuries. He holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and is, therefore, attuned to the issues that injured people face.

Begin by scheduling a free consultation with attorney. He takes workers’ comp cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning he does not get paid unless he is able to obtain benefits for you.

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